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Our Alexa Skills

Tasa del Día Alexa Skill

Tasa del Día | Exchange rate of the Day English: Get the Currency Conversion rate to a dollar from your country. Spanish: Puedes obtener la tasa del dia al dólar de tu paísWith this skill, children can play the classic Duck Duck Goose game. Usage Directions /...

Top Coins Alexa Skills

This skill will give you a summary of the top 3 coins as per coin market cap. It will tell you the name of each of the top 3 coins, if their value has increased or decreased and their actual current value. Usage Directions Ask Alexa to Open Top Coins and say Summarize...

Duck Duck Goose Alexa Skill

With this skill, children can play the classic Duck Duck Goose game Usage Directions Start the classic Duck Duck Goose game skill by saying Alexa open duck duck goose. Then either follow up with “play”, or “what can I buy” or “buy”,...